Am I really doing this???

My emotional state says it has been a rough week and I haven’t really accomplished much this week.  On the positive side I managed to Navajo ply some handspun wool singles created over a year ago.  Went through my stash and plied singles of alpaca 2nd fibers too.  I’m a 1/4 or 1/8 into my wool knitted scarf project.  I found a great document on starting a small business in Colorado which I am working my way through.  And hey I am writing my third blog post of the New Year. 

Tomorrow I am hoping to teach my rancher friends how to spin yarn on a drop spindle and look into the business end of owning my own ranch.  I also want to take a new batch of photos of the handspun yarn to post on Etsy.   I am quite proud of how well my yarn turned out – we shall see if others think so too.  Joined a local craft group and it seems that our first project will be to knit/crochet items for charity.  Life is so much better when you are doing something for others.  Along with library volunteering it should be a busy but fun weekend – let’s just hope the weather cooperates (no snow!!!).  Well here’s to the weekend and hope for good conversations, fun time and peaceful endeavors!


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