Alpacas & spinning

I have been given the opportunity to purchase a baby alpaca by the fall.  He is 6 months old and was rescued along with his mom a few weeks ago.  I have spent a great deal of the past week researching being a fiber rancher boarding on someone else’s property.  From the purchasing standpoint it is financially feasible.  Still need to research the tax implications and vet costs for maintaining the animals (gelding males). 

I made design improvements in the 2nd mitten so I am now remaking the 1st.  They should both be ready for delivery by Friday.  I am looking forward to getting back to spinning yarn.  It does truly relax me and I also purchased a baby Llama fleece last weekend.  It is so soft and is black in color.  In March, the plan is to ship my bag of 2nd fleece and the tan cria fleece to the mill in Elizabeth, CO for processing.  The 2nds will be made into clouds and the cria fleece into roving.

I opened up a business checking account last week and purchased 2 showcase spots on Etsy for this upcoming week.  Still have to load the pictures of the handspun and work out why the photos of the alpacas are not cropping correctly.  Overall the past 2 months have had positive challenges and experiences and I am looking forward to the additional challenges (business wise) of 2011. 


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