Project finished

The one good thing about being ill is one has time to work on knitting projects between sleeping.  The mittens have been completed and are being cleaned at this moment.  I will take photos soon to post here and on Ravelry.  I am quite proud of them now that they are done and it was a good stretch of my skill set.  My next project is making headbands from some of my small quantities of yarn.  My first one is with gray handspun yarn of mine from a wool roving created in the early days as it is thick yarn.  The goal is to experiment with different types of joining (seamed and button).  I am using a moss stitch as the design. 
I have somehow lost the photos of all of the handspun I was going to post on Etsy. So this weekend is picture time again.  I used my Microsoft Digital Image Editor to alter the size of alpaca photos and was able to post them to Etsy this week – yeah!  It is good to have options on picture software.  The blog has been jazzed up a bit too with links to my Flickr photos and I found a cool app for the Etsy shop which is to the left.  I saw another bloggers Facebook page on their site but still can’t figure out how to get the actual image to appear on my blog.  Perhaps I will write them for advice. 

Well I am off to bed and then to the doc to see what’s wrong with me but I am glad to have finished the special order.


Fingerless mittens


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