New order

I met up with a dear friend a few weeks ago for drinks.  Told her about the Etsy shop and gave her my business card all while enduring her looks of “I can’t believe you publicly admit to knitting”.  Today she sent me an email to say that she checked out my shop and wants to order a pair of custom gloves for herself.   I get to spin up the red wool top that I have had for a long time and make them into a gloves for a dear friend.  This has been my little ray of sunshine on a week of illness.  Docs say I now have bronchitis but I am still plugging away.  It is true what they say about marketing yourself at every opportunity for you never now when it could lead to a sale and promotion of your work.

I took the rovings from ATAR and made them into 1 and 2 oz balls; taking pics this weekend to update the listing.  Considering creating a shop on Artfire too!  Have to do more research but it is all about exposure.  I spun up and plied the bluish red roving which has turned out nicely too.  Pics to come soon.  Still plugging away on the scarf made from the petroglyph handspun yarn.  I am 3/4 done with it.  I had the shop critiqued by a none fiber artist who made some good observations.  The tough question for me to answer is “why should I buy from you versus so and so”.  I love my creations and have received complements on my work but it is hard to compare my work to another.  My love for alpaca fiber along with wool, angora, silk and mohair is hard to explain but I know from a business standpoint I need answers to drive sales and capture the interest of others.

Visiting the mill in Kiowa, CO tomorrow to learn about their operations and how to best use their services to increase sales on Etsy.  For most of the weekend I will be taking it easy and letting the meds hopefully start to kick in.  Thank goodness I love to spin fiber as it doesn’t take a lot of energy or thought and is quite meditative in its nature.  I should have quite a bit of hand spun yarn created by the end of the month.  Shearings occur in May so I still have a few months to reduce my stash to stock up with new fiber – Is it ever possible to have too much fiber?  I don’t think so as long as the moths don’t get to it. 

Will hopefully spend time coming up with answers to the “why buy from you” question this weekend too.  The shop and my creations are a work in progress and baby steps are sometimes necessary so that one doesn’t fold or get defeated.  After all I have a full time job which carries enough issues and my crafts release the creative/nurturing aspects of my personality.  For me money has never been nor will ever be the driving force of my life.  Helping others and creating a spark in them to discover their God given talents has always been appealing to me.  I am fortunate to have a mom who loves crafts of all kinds and passed this trait onto me.  God brought the alpaca community into my life at a time when I needed to reminded that not everyone works to build a mass of wealth but aid in the community.  If you ever have a chance to visit an alpaca or llama ranch I highly advise it.  The animals are not only beautiful but the owners tend to be welcoming, friendly sorts of people.  They love to talk about the animals and their lifestyle and overall are very giving people.  I may need to visit a ranch soon to re balance myself – well have a great weekend!


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