Spin in!

I went to my first Spin In yesterday and had a blast. It was held at the Recycled Lamb shoppe which meant I could of course buy supplies. Several of the ladies there are on a team competiting in the Estes Park Sheep to Shawl competition. Fascinating planning discussions. I definitely plan on going back. I finished spinning up the Wensleydale fiber which I will ply this weekend. The hat is finished too! It is definitely a child or toddler size hat but it turned out well all things considered. Tomorrow is photo day and reblocking the scarves. Next week I am sending in the skein of Lulu’s fleece for judging in the competition at the end of the month.

My roving is done but it looks like additional fleeces will not be processed till the end of May or June. In going through my fleece stash I made the decision to toss my seconds of Black Romeo. What I had left was very course and filled with vegetable matter – too much even to turn into clouds. Still have a couple of baggies of his combed fleece though. I will be experimenting with the cria (baby) fleece. Apparently the mill only has white and gray bamboo fleece and my cria fleece is fawn with white tips and sections. I pulled most of the white from the fleece to keep the roving color consistent but now I am thinking to add the white back into it. I will practice blending and see if I like the color scheme. Hope to have pictures posted soon – until next time.


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