Spring Motivation

baby hat

I feel so motivated this month and my productivity has definately seen a boost.  The Etsy shop has about 8 new items posted and several of my photos have also been updated.  I did purchase some blocking tools which will be utilized this weekend to enhance the scarfs and doily.  My llama/silk roving should arrive this week from the mill.  Looking forward to taking photos and packaging it for sale on the site too.  Of course a few ounces will be set aside for personal spinning and creation into a scarf.  The site has a little under 30 items right now which for me is quite an accomplishment.  The baby/toddler hat is even completed and posted onto the site.  For my first foray into designing I do like how it turned out – see photo to the right.
Custom goves
The custom red fingerless mittens were sold and picked up over the weekend – see photo to the left.  They were well received by their new owner – who is still amazed/baffled that I knit and spin.  I keep telling them my hobbies keep my balanced and the stress at bay.  My local crafting group got together on Sunday and I met a few new people in Denver.  Some of us had tea while others had wine but we enjoyed knitting/crocheting and discussing life around town.

On the needles is a new scarf in a dark plum color from handspun wool roving.  On the wheel, I am plying another bobbin of Lulu’s fleece into a laceweight yarn.  I submitted my first skein into the Great Western Alpaca Show Competition occuring at the end of April.  I am not quite ready to compete at AOBA which is the national competition as of yet but it is definately on the radar for next year.  Unfortuantely the submission fee for that event is around $60 so as I am new to the competition circuit I am going to start out small.  One of my Ravelry groups mentioned an artist willing to consign work for the Renaissance Festival held in Colorado.  A project for the week is to reach out to them about carrying some of our fiber and knitted items.  I love the Renaissance Festival and am ready to start reaching out to local venues as means of selling my products.


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