Marketing Venues

So I was given a $100 credit to use Google Adwords earlier in the month.  I have taken them up on the offer and have spent $25 for several thousands of impressions with minimal clicks and no conversions to sales.  Still need to follow up on the free keywords advice but I am not sure how well there program works for craft/knitting businesses.  It is increasing my exposure but the bounce rate on my site has increased to 60%.

On the project end I am leaning towards one knitting project at a time.  The Estonian lace scarf has my full attention and I am very close to completing the body of the scarf.  The edge will be the true challenge.  My heart is just not into fingerless mittens and I know think that the CVM will make a wonderful hat versus mittens.  Haven’t been on my wheel or drop spindle in a while perhaps this weekend – I do miss the feel of cotton.  So looking forward to a 3 day weekend and doing either a movie marathon (Lord of the Rings) or TV show (Torchwood) and getting lots of fiber processed.

Although the Etsy store has 20+ items based on feedback that really isn’t enough visibility.  I am reading/following the book “How to Start a Home-Based Craft Business” to obtain some guidance on truly turning my hobby into a profession.  I haven’t been good with my life plan this week but hey I am blogging and knitting.  Didn’t make it to volunteering this week but will be there on the weekend (need to check library closures for the holiday).


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