Yarn, yarn and more yarn

I was quite productive today and spun a lot of fiber.  The Romney locks have been spun into a worsted single play and a woolen single ply.  The worsted single was very smooth and straight on the niddy noddy but once off it was the highly twisted yarn. 
 The woolen single has less twist factor than I would have thought. 
Both are yellow toned from the stained tips even after a second washing.  They are drying and will be plied (center ball technique) this week so I can get an accurate gauge of how a 2 ply yarn will look.  I don’t really like the yellow toned fiber so if the next cleaning batch is similar than I will cut the ends of to get a pure white yarn.

I then carded the CVM wool with some yak fiber into rolags and have started to spin them too.  In spinning the rolags I think they contain too much yak so the next batch will be less yak and more CVM.  Yak fiber is very short while the CVM is about 2″.  I am spinning it semi woolen style (lots of air added into the fiber) and have encountered patches of pure yak which require more twists than those combined with the wool.  Of course it could be my carding process but we will take this in steps to determine the best blending method and progress from there.

Still having problems with my internet – I hope to post photos of the CVM later this week.  On to try to post on Ravelry for the Tour de Fleece competition.


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