October Sales

I just received my second wholesale order for roving – yeah!  The new LYS opened this weekend called Wild Yarns in North Denver.  I will be giving them 5 skeins of hand spun yarn to carry in the coming week.  I’m thinking the Shetland yarns and BFL along with one of my alpaca tussah silk yarns.

Next weekend I am demonstrating spinning at a pumpkin patch and at the open house for ATAR ranch in Arvada, CO.  Today was a spinning demo day at The Recycled Lamb.  I plied 3 skeins of yarn and learned how to make the knit ruffle scarf.  The scarf should be finished by the end of the week.  I have two skeins of red merino wool yarn to list in the shop for the holidays.  I’m going to list the green dyed BFL skein in the shop too.  The remaining 3 oz of BFL has been spun and plied and is overall in shades of gray.

Projects for the week are to continue to upload inventory in the software program, improve my yarn labels and finishing spinning the merino/tussah silk roving that was started today.  I never quite seem to pick up the cotton to finish it but will do so before the end of the year.  My spun singles are getting stronger and I’m going to leave the Wensleydale yarn as a single. 

So far I have had two sales this month and am looking forward to next weekends opportunity to sell more.  I still have the green wool scarf to finish along with creating another Estonian lace scarf from my leftover yarn.  Tatting is still a work in progress but I’m sure the techniques will come to me and the process will flow for me soon.


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