A quiet weekend ahead

This weekend should be a relaxing one for me.  Saturday’s goals are product photos and reworking product descriptions.  Sunday’s only event is getting together with my knitting friends for beverages and quality knitting time.  I have joined twitter this week (@nashc7) and will be reviewing how that whole system works on and off this weekend too.  My inventory spreadsheet is coming along, I just need to add the orders from Ebay and through PayPal to make sure fiber purchases are captured.  My acrylic based yarns have been gathered and will be donated to a senior home or rec center for use by their patrons.  The bins in the house are getting empty – of course I have moved most of my fiber and handspun yarn to the garage where it is colder.  My goal is to have most of my supplies and finished projects stored in the garage versus the bedroom which will free up space and keep the house feeling like a house.

The sun has come out to melt the snow we received earlier this week and our temperatures are supposed to be in the 60s – yeah!!!  I’m working on a new scarf from my lilac aran wool yarn and might do some spinning.  Overall the goal is to enjoy the weather and the slow pace of the days!

I hope all of you are able to find a day or a few hours to just sit back and relax too!


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