2012 Is Going Well

January is turning into the best sales month Herie7 Natural Fiber Treasures has ever had.  We are up to five sales with fiber being sold on Etsy, EBay and Ancient Treasures Yarn Shop. I will be shipping yarn to the UK next week – so exciting!  Still adjusting to EBay payment policies but at least it is not a surprise.  My second sale on the site was from an auction winner.  Did you know that when you win an auction you have up to 4 days to actually pay for your merchandise?  I am in holding pattern to ship the order until actual payment has been sent to me.  Not too worried as the buyer recently purchased the fiber on the right.

 I learned some new marketing skills this week by posting the yarn shop on Yelp and starting the process to be listed on Google Places.  Why is it that these ventures are never as easy as they seem?  Still like Twitter as my favorite means of communicating over FB and yes even the blog.

The lilac slippers are finished and I am 90% finished with the wool slippers with alpaca edging.  The new camera was used today to take updated product photos and I even used my new tripod case.  Check out the Etsy shop tomorrow for updated product photos.

Tomorrow I meet with the organizer of the craft fair and have dedicated items for the group photos to give to her.  Looking forward to going to the National Western Stock Show next weekend at the Denver Coliseum to meet the yak ranchers and sheep ranchers.  There might be some new fiber in my future.  The year is looking very bright and I am in my second month of being in a profit standpoint.  Hopefully this trend continues – off to knit and spin!


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