Sorry for the delay

I can’t believe almost a whole month has passed since my last entry.  January was definately a busy month for me.  We ended the month with eight sales plus income from handspun yarn sold in December by Wild Yarns.  I shipped handspun yarn to the UK which was well received and shipped some Shetland handspun within Colorado that received rave reviews.  It was definately a confidence building month that flew by very quickly.

The Valentine’s day artisan fair is at the end of this week.  Yes, I did splurge on buying several skeins of Rowan Kidsilk Creation yarn to make items for the fair.  I even bought a couple of acrylic based ruffle scarf yarns to boost my inventory. 

Prepping for the craft fair has given me thoughts on where I want my business to grow and develop.  Truth is I enjoy and am passionate about making yarn and less so on finished products.  The finished items I enjoy the most are my lace scarves and shawls.  2011 was an exploration of simple knits and a variety of easy projects.  Looking back I can honestly say they did not fuel my passion for the craft.  Now my Estonian lace scarf was definately an accomplishment as it was an intricate pattern made from my handspun laceweight yarn.  I will always treasure that piece and it has gone to a good home.
2012 I am focusing on spinning yarn in 3oz batches and making more lacey scarves.  I will perhaps make a few fingerless gloves but they patterns will be more intricate.  From a business model perspective this will probably not yield a large volume of sales but what is sold will be of a higher value and profit.  Afterall if you are going to start a small business plus work full time it has to be doing something you enjoy!  Twitter is so my preferred method of social media and you can keep up to date on my activities @nashc7!  Until next time – wishing you and yours a joyous 2012!

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