Why is it so hard to Blog?

I just checked into Blogger and have realized nearly a month has passed since my last post.  Sorry!  I have become a Twitter convert and primarily use that medium to stay in touch with followers (which total around 75).  I have placed items on EBay, Bonanza, Krrb (local online site) and still have yarn at the Wild Yarns shop.  This weekend I’m reviewing my advertising mediums – signed up for Google AdWords and will be advertising with Ennea Collective again.

The artisan boutique has come and gone and was overall not successful financially for me.  Met some great artisans but was the only one without sales on Saturday :(!  I submitted my state sales taxes from the Friday sales but have a question into the City about its tax structure and license fees.  They still haven’t called me back.  The overall business taxes are done and I need to submit sales tax to both the State and perhaps the City – maybe next weekend.

Outside of the 3 skeins of yarn sold at the artisan boutique February was a bust.  On the positive I have new fiber arriving as that is what I do when I am blue.  I received some lovely white and tan BFL roving to spin along with a red dyed BFL braid of fiber.  There is one bag of clean Malamute dog hair clean and ready to be spun and another bag that needs to be cleaned.  Ordered some more fiber but as of today it hadn’t shipped.  Must start spinning before the pile of rovings grows any bigger.  It is almost shearing season too and I have decide on how many alpaca and sheep wool fleeces to purchase along with the mill cost.

On the wheel is some dark brown alpaca top from Ancient Treasures Alpaca Ranch.  On the needles is a lace scarf in dark green tones with hints of brown similar to this cranberry scarf below.

Still trying to find a home for this hand spun and hand knit Wensleydale scarf.  It is very odd as I so loved this yarn (which has sold) and think it is such a nice and warm item.  Oh well you can only create and give others the opportunity to see the beauty in the design.  I know it will eventually find a home.

Today I start back volunteering at our local public library which will aid in bringing back some balance to my life.  Spinning hasn’t been in the forefront of life as I am really taken with creating the lace scarf.  Still love my wheel and making yarn but I am going with what moves me which happens to be knitting at the moment.  I will try to write at least twice a month but for my frequent updates you can follow me on Twitter @nashc7 or Facebook “Herie7 Natural Fiber Treasures”.  Until next time I hope all are safe (especially given the tornadoes in the U.S.) and you have a great weekend. 


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