Blogging isn’t my thing

When I first started my home based business (Herie7 Natural Fiber Treasures) my research stated that I needed a blog and to not make it a personal diary.  Well I embarked on the journey of selling my wares and started to write about my business ventures and exploration of fibers.  As time progresses I find myself blogging less but definately selling more and networking a lot more.

I have a decent online presence on Etsy and a small one on Ebay.  My following is much stronger locally in the Denver metro area and 2 local shops carry my wares.  This is my second year of having merchandise at the Colorado Renaissance Festival too.  I created a Facebook fan page which as of today has 56 followers.  Then I discovered Twitter and blogging just seemed to stop for me :(!  I love networking on Twitter and have over 100 followers.  I regularly communicate with fiber artists in the UK and throughout the US.
My business is still going strong and I seem to make new connections weekly either online or in town.  I have cleaned my first Lincoln wool fleece and have managed to predominately felt the alpaca fleece while cleaning it.  Not sure what went wrong but hope to save most of it for the custom yarn order I am doing.  Yes, I was approached in the spring to create a mohair/alpaca yarn blend for a local goat owner.  It has been educational and time consuming at the same time but my hand carders are getting used.
Next year I really do want to invest in a drum carder but for now the hand cards are what is in use.  This is year 2 of my participation in Tour de Fleece and I have also agreed to be in a Ravellinic team for this year’s olympic celebrations.  Sorry to not blog as much but you can always touch base with me on Twitter (@nashc7).  Before I leave here are some photos of the latest projects.

Norwegian Wool hand spun

White Mohair Silk Scarf

Alpaca merino hand spun

BFK knit cowl

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