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I have taken the plunge to start blogging again but this time in WordPress format.  Welcome to the business adventures of Herie7 Natural Fiber Treasures.  Together we will journey through the ups and downs of running a craft based small business in sunny Colorado.  Last month I launched my own domain and website located at but you can still find me on Etsy at

After a very stressful week I so enjoyed hanging out with the alpacas at Ancient Treasures Alpaca Ranch today.  I took lots of pics of the animals and even some product shots of yarn – yes I was quite productive today.  My love of my Navajo Spindle continues and I am now beginning to spin up the Navajo Churro fleece onto the spindle.  The locks of the fleece have been teased open so that I can spin it in the raw as I was shown during the Taos Wool Festival this month.  It is a little weird to work with raw fleece as most of this year I have been working with processed roving.  Yarn for weavers is my goal and this project will be the first test of my success in the venture.

My goal is to write once a week (no pressure) and to post pictures of my progress to share with the community.  I am so blessed to have spinning yarn as an outlet for my creativity and have met so many nice ranchers along my fiber journey.  Until next week here are some of my pics of the day!


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