Fiber Sales and Etsy App

This week has been a busy one for fiber sales on Etsy.  We have had several orders for our alpaca fleeces and even the Wensleydale/Tussah Silk roving.  Random sales are such a nice way to end/begin a week.

I spent several hours at the ranch today to rebalance myself and run the yarn shop.  I have the Sunday shift which fits into my schedule quite nicely.  It started out sunny but clouded up this afternoon but I did get some nice pictures of the alpacas and llamas today.

Started making barrettes decorated with alpaca yarn and will tweak the designs as I go along.  I was inspired to make these during the visit to the Taos Wool Festival this year.  I missed the Rocky Mountain Weavers Guild sale this weekend as I am still fighting through a cold but hope to make it to the Boulder Weaver’s Guild sale this coming week.  The Navajo Churro fleece appears to be felted and I am thinking that is why prepping it has been so difficult.  Ripping fibers apart never sounds good to me.  The yak fiber on the other hand is spinning up very well and although I have lots of yarn on the spindle I still have not made a dent in the cloud fiber.  Bijou Basin is having a sale on the 31st on everything in their shop and they have also reduced the price of yak clouds.  I am going to try to buy the white yak clouds as it is a new color scheme to me.

Etsy has improved their iPhone app and made it more user friendly for sellers.  So today I gave it a try and I must admit it was easy to post, renew and edit items on the new format.  The shop now has new alpaca fleeces and a couple of my hand spun yarns listed.  Tonight I will be using the app to list more of the hand spun as they have been created/measured and just need to be listed.  “So much to do but so little time” as the saying goes.

Next week I am on vacation the first one of the year and I am so excited to be getting away.  Still need to research yarn shops and ranches in the area as that what a fiber addict does.  I am sure my fiber radar will be in full gear but researching just to be on the safe side.

Well I am off to calculate postage and shi

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p out orders – until next time have a great week!


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