New fiber tools

My handmade comb and hackle arrived this week and they are awesome.  I am using them to create top of the Wensleydale/Lincoln/CVM fleece I picked up at The Taos Wool Festival this year.  The video “Combing Fiber” by Robin Russo has been very helpful.  She has a recipe for keeping wool fleeces static free but alas every time I have gone to the store to pick up the ingredients I always miss one.  I do not actually have any rubbing alcohol in my house – go figure!  Pictures of the fiber and my first attempts at creating top are attached.  Next will be the Suri alpaca fleece and the double coated Shetland fleece.

I discovered the Teeswater fleece that I purchased at Estes is very filthy when I began cleaning fleeces yesterday to use on the tools.  I have never quite seen that much straw/hay and poop in 4 ounces of fiber before not to mention the 2nd cuts.  I am glad that I cleaned at least portion which led to my removing the raw fleece from my online store.  It just doesn’t meet my standards for fiber but hopefully I can make either some great top or yarns to be sold online within the coming months.

As I got sick towards the weekend it has put me behind schedule production wise.  All of the yarn that has been created has been measured and labeled.  I only have 4 skeins to drop off at Wild Yarns but 4 is better than nothing at this point.  I did drop off 2 skeins of handspun yarn made from fiber at Ancient Treasures to them today.  Cheryl was very pleased at how they turned out as were the visitors/customers to the ranch today.


Drop Spindle – spinning the 2nd 2 oz of Brown Sheep Wool dyed Brown

Russian Spindle -spinning an ounce of cotton top still

Wheel – alas nothing is on the wheel at the moment but soon will be the Wensleydale/Lincoln/CVM wool top

Navajo Spindle – Empty at the moment

Knitting Needles – Still progressing on the lace shawl (nearly finished) made with pink Orenburg lace yarn; added an additional pattern repeat

New Fiber:

  • Suri alpaca second cuts (free)


I will be joining in on the Holiday Bazaar this year and in fact I just purchased my own folding table for these types of events.  I will be working both Saturday and Sunday and have been given a spot up front which should help increase sales.  The Yarn Shop at Ancient Treasures Alpaca Ranch will be open for Black Friday shopping and I have agreed to work a portion of the 9 to 4 hours.  Will be bringing the combs to process more fleeces into top and demonstrate fiber prep.

It has been a slow week for sales but both online shops have seen steady traffic.  The Etsy Shop has had several items featured in various treasuries.  I think my waste fiber from the top will go into needle felting projects – it’s too pretty to thow out.  We hope to carry needle 

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kits and spinning kits in the shop soon.  I am also looking into making ornaments decorated with alpaca roving as I just realized that I do own a drill and came make holes in the wood cutouts myself.  I’ll keep you updated on the progress of that project in the coming weeks.

Well I’m off to work on creating tops until next week enjoy the photos!


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