Holidays and Spending time at the ranch

This week was a holiday week in the U.S. – Thanksgiving to be exact.  I have had 4 days off from work and have enjoyed sleeping in and just relaxing.  Went over to a friend’s parents house for Thanksgiving dinner and had a great time eating and laughing with everyone.  On Saturday, my mom took me to the mineral spring baths in Idaho Springs, CO along with a massage.  It was a very relaxing time and then we went to the salon to get our hair done.  Hot water and black hair do not mix well so the stylist was a definite treat for me.

Although I slept a lot this week I did get lots of things accomplished.  For one the mohair/silk lace scarf is complete – yeah!!!  It needs to be blocked but at least I have finished knitting it.  Still working with my comb and hackle set and learning the ins and outs of fiber prep.  Suri alpaca definitely does not need to go on these combs – I am thinking of just flicking the ends and spinning the locks that way.  I prepped 4 oz of the tri-breed wool fleece and spun it into a lovely fingering weigh 2 ply yarn (see photos).  While at the ranch today I prepped 2 oz of the Lincoln wool locks and have started to spin them on the wheel.  My wheel has been in use this week and made the lovely tri-breed fleece yarn.  I took the remnants of the fiber from the combs and used my hand cards to turn them into rolags.  This fiber is being spun on the Navajo Spindle and should be done sometime this week.

Not only did I finish an entire skein of yarn but I managed to drop off new yarn to Wild Yarns as planned.  I am also starting to prep for the Holiday Artisan Boutique in 2 weeks.  All of my knit items are labeled and ready to sell.  There are 2 scarves that need to get blocked along with mohair/silk shawl.  While going through my stash I found the 2 woven scarves I made earlier this year and have priced them for the boutique too.  So far I am keeping my promise of labeling the hand spun yarns as I finish them.  One day I will truly inventory it all but I feel that as long as it makes it to a store to sell it makes more room in the house for more fiber!

My new scarf is a lacy creation using Malabrigo lace yarn which is a 1 ply baby merino wool yarn.  The yarn is a blend of black and grays varying in shades throughout the skein.  It is so soft and I am using the “Nancy 

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Lace Scarf” pattern to create it.  Enjoy the photos and I hope everyone had an enjoyable week.


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