A busy weekend

The Holiday Artisan Boutique is officially over. I caught a cold on Friday so this weekend was physically tough on me but I made it through. Sold a few pieces on both days and handed out my business cards to several pieces. I made some wonderful connections not only with the fellow artisans but with a few customers too. The great thing about craft fairs is the connections one makes as they can turn into great customers down the road.

Although I’m exhausted at least I know that all of my scarves are blocked and ready for sale now. I received lots of compliments on my knitted lace items and people were intrigued by the Navajo Spindle I used this weekend to make yarn. The wool top from Atlanta has been spun and I just need to ply this week. I also managed to spin up the rolags from the  sheep breed and spun an ounce of the Shetland top fibers this weekend.

The great thing about spindles are they are so transportable and don’t take up much room while allowing one to demonstrate the art of spinning yarn. I met a lady that makes tatted earrings and bracelets with a needle versus the shuttle. I was so impressed with her work and inspired to pick up my tatting yarn over the holidays.

Thus far my holiday projects are to weave a couple of scarves, bake lots of bread in my bread machine and relearn how to do tatting! We shall see how many of these things I accomplish during my week off. I’m off to take cold meds and rest so have a great week until next time we chat!


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