Welcome to a New Year Filled with Promises

2013 has been quite busy thus far and we are only in day 1! I plied all of the yarns spun up during my holiday break and have completed 7 of them.  One hat has been knitted and another started in alpaca yarn then I must find a new hat design. The spinning wheel and drop spindle are empty of fiber this evening but that won’t last for long.  I still have cotton fiber on the Russian spindle and some made into balls which I hope to create into skeins and set into yarn this week.

I actually baked 2 loaves of banana bread to take into the office – yes the bread machine was used the first day of 2013.  Hopefully it is a sign of more baking to occur in the new year.  Must put all of those bread baking books to good use this year.

My goal for the first half of 2013 is to spin or sell the fibers purchased in 2011 (out with the old and in with the new).  It is time for that fiber to move to new homes and hopefully in the yarn format.  I am really liking the Wensleydale/Lincoln/CVM cross fleece and had an inquiry today for a pound of the raw fleece.  We shall see if I can actually sell it which would leave me with about 12 oz from my original purchase.  One of my Christmas presents was a gray mohair fleece which is so soft.

In December I joined a spinning network group – yes I am branching out to meet my fellow fiber addicts.  It was a nice outing and I actually knew a couple of the ladies in the group from other events.  I took the Navajo Churro fleece to get others opinion on its quality.  It turns out it is not felted but just hardened with lanolin – so I will need to wash the locks in order to process this fleece.  We washed a lock at the meeting and it turned out white and very soft quite different from the fiber I was trying to spin in the grease.

May your 2013 be filled with joy and new fibers!


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