Apps and Guilds

I just discovered the WordPress App for my iPhone. Now I can write posts on the go! Today I am at Ancient Treasures Alpaca Ranch in Arvada, CO working the yarn shop. It is kinda quiet today so I am taking photos of the animals.

Starting on another knitted hat using the yarn purchased in Atlanta and new yarn from the Brown Sheep Company. It is a simple slouchy hat with twisted stitches versus cable stitches. For some reason I am just not into using my cable needles.

Yesterday I attended my first Rocky Mountain Weavers Guild meeting. I also joined the sales committee in a small role. It was great to meet so many fiber artists both male and female. The guild hosted its annual member to member sale and I picked up several goodies. What’s more the Guild has a library dedicated to the fiber arts where members can check out books. I picked up ones on drop spindling, rare fleeces and a video on spinning cotton. Looking forward to learning and sharing information with this group of artists.

My big news for the week is that I have been asked to teach a class. The online organization Dabble reached out to me to teach a class on spinning yarn. It will be hosted at the ranch and I’m working on the course material. This definitely a big step for me but one I feel will grow my business. Info will be posted on Twit


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