Hats, caps and more hats

I seem to be on a hat making binge.  Trying out patterns with different yarns and textures has kept me very occupied over the past week.  I’m also using up several of the skeins of yarn purchased in the past few months too.  Tonight I hope to clean and block my wool baby hat and partially frog another hat as I’m running out of yarn to make it as long as I wanted.  Oh well it will have a child or small headed adult as its future owner.  As I don’t actually have many items for this demographic this is a great opportunity to broaden my horizons.

On the Navajo Spindle is the Oreo Cookie blend of Alpaca fibers which will be sold at Ancient Treasures Alpaca Ranch.  The wheel has some blue wool top that seems to be expanding in its raw form the more I spin since it is being spun very thinly.  The problem with spinning lace weight is the fiber supply lasts a lot longer than when spinning worsted or bulky.  I know though when this fiber is plied and cleaned it will grow in diameter to perhaps a DK weight yarn.  That’s the great part of spinning fibers multiple times – one learns the nuances of the fiber and can alter techniques to truly achieve the right quality of yarn.

My big news is that I have not one but four students signed up to take my “Learn to Spin On A Drop Spindle” class in late February.  Yes, I do know two of my students but the other two are complete strangers to me.  I have the drop spindle kits set aside for the class and am gathering books, materials, websites and such to share with the class.  Hoping to rent the drum carder from the guild as a prop in the class and I will be bringing my comb/hackle set, wheel and various spindles as tools.  Of course given my fiber supply my students will have ample opportunity to try their hands at spinning the various wool and alpaca fibers in my stash.ImageImage


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