Yarn Spinning Update

So the hat craze appears to be fading.  I have made several hats including a baby one to add to my online catalog and get me through the next season.  So what may you ask have I been up to – why spinning yarn of course!  

The past week I purchased another beautiful Russian spindle with a metal tip.  The bison/silk seed roving is being spun on it.  It is thicker than I would normally spin on this tool but the silk seeds are thicker than the bison.  I also went through the fiber bins to get at the supply purchased in 2011.  Yes I still have fiber in good condition from then.  I pulled out the white cleaned Shetland wool fibers and started to flick out the vegetable matter and align the fibers for spinning.  It is actually quite good fiber and I think I was turned off originally as all of the lanolin had been removed from the fiber.  I am spritzing the fibers as they are combed and have prepped 2 oz thus far.  Tonight I plan on spinning up these fibers and flicking out the remainder of the fleece.  The goal is to have a 2 ply yarn by this weekend.

In going through my hand spun yarns which are about 10 skeins I have realized so few have enough yardage to be sold at my LYS.  The goal in February is to spin enough yarns to restock the LYS and get fresh product out in the marketplace.  I can’t recoup my investment if the yarns don’t make it to the market (reminder to self).

My big quandary is what to ply the yak, quivit and cotton singles with.  As the yak and quivit are very expensive fibers I am leaning towards plying with a strand or two of wool or alpaca.  The other issue is the color of the 2nd or 3rd fiber.  Decisions, decisions, decisions.  

On the horizon is my first teaching class for profit.  I have taught others for fun before but for some reason now that income is involved I’m a bit nervous.  The kits for the students have been created and I have tools/equipment ready to be displayed.  The only thing left is to create my handout of resources which should take about an hour or two.

Although I do not blog regularly my Twitter and FB accounts have lots of photos and updates on the world of fiber and all of its uses.ImageShetland  FiberImage

Russian Spindle


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