Beginning to weave

Ok so I haven’t actually begun to weave a scarf but I have spent time calculating warp ends and yardage for a project.  I loathe math calculations but a friend gave me a template to calculate warp/weft yardage along with warp ends needed on the warping board.  The next step is to take the plunge and actually wrap yarn around the warping board for a project.

My third Russian spindle is on its way to my home and this one is pure wood (no metal tip).  I am exited to have 3 to ply yarns easier.  Also on the horizon this weekend is my first official drop spindle teaching course.  My nerves have calmed down and I am quite excited to introduce others to the world of fiber and yarn creation.  The rose alpaca fleece will be there for those who want practice with working with raw fiber!

I’m also toying with the idea of making more fingerless mittens.  Now that I am wearing my grey alpaca ones while driving the urge to make similar ones is building.  We shall see as I haven’t picked up the knitting needles in a few weeks and after all there are scarves to be woven with the hand spun yarn too.

My other big news is a new cell phone – I now have an iPhone 5.  So far the big difference is its long battery life which is so much better than my iPhone 3.  I leave you with a photo of the handmade Lincoln wool yarn created by combing the fleece with my own tools.Imagees


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