Angora and I

In the quest to create yarn from fiber purchased years ago, I stumbled across plucked angora bunny fiber I purchased.  It is a grayish white fiber with a nice length to it.  The Russian Spindle would be a perfect tool to spin this luxury fiber so I fluffed out some of the fibers and began the process to spin it.  Angora and I do not get along.  I just couldn’t get the fibers to create a smooth consistent yarn.  So my next thought was to add some cotton to fibers.  I did spin a length of pure cotton from some cotton bolls purchased in 2011.  A bit of thinking later, I decided to create punis/rolags with a mixture of angora and cotton.  I detested this mixture more than the pure angora.

Finally I decided to just give up on the project.  When one has lots of fibers in the stash that work well with spindles staying with a fiber that one doesn’t like is short lived.  Below are photos of the yarn that will never be.  I will be selling the angora fiber on Etsy though as there are lots of people who enjoy this fiber.  Thus far in my journey I am up to two fibers I don’t like – dog hair and angora.

Angora fiber

Angora fiber

Cotton with Angora

Once I decided to let this fiber go I was free to spin something else and the lucky fiber is Qivuit/Silk batting.  It is beautiful!  Below is a picture of the batting – stay tuned for my spinning progress.

Qivuit and Silk batt

Qivuit and Silk batt


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