Visiting the Durango Area and start of fiber festivals

I had a great time in April visiting the Durango area to pick up the college kid.  The bonus was spending time at DeGoatsNSheep ranch this year and hanging out to spin yarn with Linda.  Not only did I pick up a beautiful black lamb Wensleydale fleece but I snagged some of her hand dyed Wensleydale roving too.

We got to chat and spin for a couple of hours which was really nice.  We also talked about the various festivals occurring this year and which ones we would be attending.  Hoping to see Linda at Salida’s festival in the fall as I’m going to skip Taos this year.  Looking forward to the Estes Park Wool Market and really looking at Teeswater fleeces.  The one I purchased just wasn’t to my liking and I have a better understanding on how to test fleeces for weakness and luster now.

This was probably one of the more peaceful trips to the area for me.  After visiting the ranch I sat on the porch of our cabin and worked on prepping the cria alpaca fleece.  I got about another 4 oz of fiber prepped to spin or sale after several hours.  I can’t believe how long this project is taking but that alpaca certainly like to roll around the ground.  The fleece has so much vegetable matter at it tips that combing it out is the best way to highlight the beauty of the fleece. The sad news from the ranch is that they lost their longhorn ram to the late spring cold and a baby lamb.  The girls looked healthy and the boys were their normal friendly selves.  Apparently Durango/Bayfield has not had as many snow storms as Denver so people are worried about hay costs this season.  For me it was great to drive on dry roads and enjoy the majesty of the mountain passes.

I did enjoy the ranchers at GWAS but was disappointed in the lack of fleeces and fiber available.  As I fiber member of ABR I did voice my opinions to the organizers so we shall see if things improve next year.  Alas none of my rovings/batts sold at the event but I’m not sure there was enough foot traffic that would have garnered sales.  We shall see how things go at Estes but on the positive side all of the fiber has been packaged to sell.


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