The therapy of cleaning wool

The past few weeks have been rough for me so I’m taking time to decompress and re-balance myself.  How does a fiber person re-balance themselves you ask?  Well for me it is cleaning wool and fiber along with a bit of spinning.  In the past 2 days I have cleaned a small portion of my rose gray alpaca fleece, all of the 2013 Catlina wool fleece, all of my Navajo Churro fleece and half of the Border Leicester/Icelandic wool.  As it has been so hot in Denver letting the fiber dry outside has been wonderful.

There is something about wool cleaning that appeals to me.  Perhaps its watching the transformation within the fibers are just getting all that lanolin on my hands.  I impressed myself by not felting the alpaca fleece while cleaning it today.  Alpaca is a mental adjustment for me as it doesn’t have the lanolin and doesn’t need very hot water to get it clean.  I went with a lukewarm too cool bath and rinse to simply remove the dust.

My plan is to combine the alpaca with my Wensleydale fleece and make a heathered yarn.  Catlina will also get combed into top sometime in the coming weeks.  Not sure how I’m going to process the Churro and Leceister/Icelandic fleeces as of yet.  The goal is to not stress so I will do a little bit of fiber preparation at a time and just see where things go!

Rose Gray Alpaca

Rose Gray Alpaca


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