Lace knitting in 2014

I seem to be intrigued with lace knitting and spinning this year.  Outside of the custom knit hats in January all of my current projects are intricate lace ones.  My cotton knit doily is finished along with its tatted edging – unfortunately my Tpins have decided to hide from me.  Once I locate them the doily will blocked and complete!

My second project is the lace fingerless gloves.  I have started to knit the 2nd glove and it is now the same length of the first one.  I’m knitting these at the same time to make sure I have enough yarn for both.

The work on a second doily is not progressing well.  I found the book “Second book of Modern Lace Knitting” and am trying to make the ‘Lilac Time’ table runner.  My first yarn choice was too thick and the second was too thin.  Having settled on crochet cotton 20, I was progressing along through row 7.  I then discovered that I twisted my stitches when knitting in the round – ughhhhh!  So it has been frogged and I’m starting over for the 4th time.  Normally lace patterns flow for me but this one has been a struggle from the first cast on stitch.  Those who know me know I love challenges and this doily definitely fits that category.

On a positive note, the Wensleydale fleece is carding up nicely and being spun into a lovely lace weight yarn.  I’m using my Ashford Traveler wheel to make this yarn.  This will be my first lace weight yarn in a few years.  Not sure if I will leave it in its ivory hue or have it dyed a lilac color.  Yarn this thin takes a while to spin and even longer to ply but it will be beautiful.  I may even keep some of it just for me.




Lace gloves


Table runner goal


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