2014 projects – stops/starts thus far

This year has brought so many challenges and activities.  Last month I had the privilege of learning bobbin lacemaking from an established bobbin lace maker.  I confess that the project  which is just a band of lace is still on the pillow as it requires me to move my work up and take out all of the pins to do so.  I am equating this process to be similar to “steeking” in knitting.



The first farmer’s market has passed and I have learned that my handmade items for sale are very low.  There are only 6 hand spun skeins in inventory at this point along with 3 hats (fall weight) and 2 cowls.  How did I sell so much of my products?  Of course I still have several mohair/silk ruffle scarves and the lace shawl/stole.

The market was a wake up call to me as I have been working on several long term knitting and spinning projects along with learning bobbin lace making.  On the positive I have started recording my knit projects in a journal to keep track of them and the yarn used.  It also helps in writing the blog.  Since it takes me about 2 hours to spin 4oz of roving for sports/worsted yarn, I am dedicating at least 3 nights a week to spinning.  As I now know what my handmade inventory is lacking I have 2 summer hat projects on needles.

These photos highlight the new yarns  Merino Wool/SilkTencel/Merino  I have my work cut out for me but I am much more productive when I have a goal!


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