Spinning Buffalo fiber into yarn

After taking the workshop on spinning Orenburg lace yarn this year at the Estes Park Wool Market, I was energized to spin lace weight yarns on my Russian.  One of my purchases at the wool market was an ounce of Buffalo/Bison fiber.  As this fiber is a bit more dense than cashmere I am estimating only .5 of an ounce will fit onto a spindle at a time.  It is taking quite some time spin up .5 ounces of Buffalo too.  I am so lucky to have fiber dyers and artists in my life as they have been very helpful in suggesting colors/fibers to use for several projects.  While at my LYS a fellow knitter told me that purple and brown make a nice color combination.  Although this didn’t sound like a nice combo I discovered that a dark purple Habu wool crepe yarn was the perfect compliment to my natural brown Buffalo fiber.  Once the ounce is spun I will move to ply these 2 yarns together to create a fingering weight yarn.



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