Knitting shawls

I’m almost finished with the beaded lace shawl. The last of the 4 panels is being knit and I’m back to using a single skein of yarn. My best tool for applying the beads has been the ortho dental floss versus the Fleegle tool. I seem to shred my yarn or break the beads when using the Fleegle so it’s back to the floss for me.

My exciting news is that I have begun to knit a Gossamer lace shawl for the first time. At my last guild meeting one of our members brought in several handknit Gossamer and wedding ring shawls. I was so in awe of their beauty and intricate designs. We spoke at the meeting of our mutual love of fine lace knitting done for our own enjoyment. I left the meeting inspired to begin my first delicate shawl. The next day I worked at the yarn shop where I found the perfect yarn for my shawl. I’m using Habu wool crepe yarn in a soft peach for this project.

Tonight I have to prep for the craft fair in Westminster – hope to have some pics to share soon.



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