Newest shawl

The Sunflower Trio shawl is almost finished.  I like the few rows of beads that I added to it.  Hoping once it is blocked its length will grow a lot more than it is today.

I just have to work on the edging and it will be complete. 



Knitting shawls

I’m almost finished with the beaded lace shawl. The last of the 4 panels is being knit and I’m back to using a single skein of yarn. My best tool for applying the beads has been the ortho dental floss versus the Fleegle tool. I seem to shred my yarn or break the beads when using the Fleegle so it’s back to the floss for me.

My exciting news is that I have begun to knit a Gossamer lace shawl for the first time. At my last guild meeting one of our members brought in several handknit Gossamer and wedding ring shawls. I was so in awe of their beauty and intricate designs. We spoke at the meeting of our mutual love of fine lace knitting done for our own enjoyment. I left the meeting inspired to begin my first delicate shawl. The next day I worked at the yarn shop where I found the perfect yarn for my shawl. I’m using Habu wool crepe yarn in a soft peach for this project.

Tonight I have to prep for the craft fair in Westminster – hope to have some pics to share soon.


Spinning Yarn for a shawl

As I am spinning the Romney fleece into a fine yarn I have decided to actually knit with it.  So for the first time I am spinning yarn for an actual project!  After pulling out all of my lace pattern books I finally decided on the Frost Flowers & Leaves shawl from the book “A Gathering of Lace.  I’m so excited to start this project and have actually cast on the first few rounds tonight.  It uses the Emily Ocker’s circular beginning technique and I finally found a video that explains it in a manner that I can understand.  The shawl has about 200 rows and a lace border.  It will require 3000 yards of yarn – yikes.  So far I have spun 298 yards and I think running out of yarn will inspire me to spin more of the fleece.  My shawl will be ivory color but isn’t it beautiful?


I’m finishing up a lace beret on another set of needles and I’m so grateful that I have several stitch markers in my stash.  This hat is almost done as I just need to do the 2×2 ribbing for it.

 Later in the month I will make a similar hat but on larger needles as this one appears to be on the small side.  Looking forward to making summer based hats which will be great for the beach or camping trips in the mountains.  Hoping lighter weight hats will sell this summer during my farmer’s market.

The Estes Park Wool Market class schedule is out and there is a one day class on spinning Orenburg lace yarn.  The class is $100 but I’m thinking it will be well worth the expense to learn this technique on my Ashford wheel so that I can produce high quality lace (cobweb lace) yarns.  Also with this technique a little fiber goes a long way!  It will also give me a reason to continue to spin silk fibers as the wool is plied with silk for the finished project.  Galina Khmeleva is the teacher of this class and it would be so neat to meet her as I own her videos on this topic.  I still have a few weeks to decide but it would be a nice treat for myself and a means of getting away for a couple of days.  Everyone that knows me knows that I adore Estes Park.  It is one of my favorite towns in all of Colorado.  We have our favorite restaurants and enjoy watching the wildlife in and around town.

Well I’m off to knit my shawl but will post progress in a few weeks – stay tuned!


Lace knitting in 2014

I seem to be intrigued with lace knitting and spinning this year.  Outside of the custom knit hats in January all of my current projects are intricate lace ones.  My cotton knit doily is finished along with its tatted edging – unfortunately my Tpins have decided to hide from me.  Once I locate them the doily will blocked and complete!

My second project is the lace fingerless gloves.  I have started to knit the 2nd glove and it is now the same length of the first one.  I’m knitting these at the same time to make sure I have enough yarn for both.

The work on a second doily is not progressing well.  I found the book “Second book of Modern Lace Knitting” and am trying to make the ‘Lilac Time’ table runner.  My first yarn choice was too thick and the second was too thin.  Having settled on crochet cotton 20, I was progressing along through row 7.  I then discovered that I twisted my stitches when knitting in the round – ughhhhh!  So it has been frogged and I’m starting over for the 4th time.  Normally lace patterns flow for me but this one has been a struggle from the first cast on stitch.  Those who know me know I love challenges and this doily definitely fits that category.

On a positive note, the Wensleydale fleece is carding up nicely and being spun into a lovely lace weight yarn.  I’m using my Ashford Traveler wheel to make this yarn.  This will be my first lace weight yarn in a few years.  Not sure if I will leave it in its ivory hue or have it dyed a lilac color.  Yarn this thin takes a while to spin and even longer to ply but it will be beautiful.  I may even keep some of it just for me.




Lace gloves


Table runner goal

2013 is almost over and it has been quite a year

So my blogging hasn’t gone as well as I thought it would but 2013 has been a challenging year.  My fiber business has doubled in sales and I have met some amazing artisans this year who have brought joy to my life and renewed my faith in mankind.  I finally left corporate America this fall and took some time to reevaluate life.  Making yarn and knitting handmade items is where I want to be in life and I am so blessed to have the opportunity to fully explore these options.

This was my first year participating in a fiber festival which was held in Salida, CO and it was a great experience.  2013 is also the year I branched out to do a farmer’s market on my own which, although not financially successful, introduced me to some wonderful artisans and new markets.  My big purchase for the year is a Great (Walking) Wheel which I love and is so cool to spin on.  The business name is reaching my customer base and November sales are flowing quite well.

I will close out the year at the annual Artisan Holiday Boutique on December 7th & 8th.  I have 2 weeks to make more hats and some mittens as my stock is running low.  The St. Rose Annual craft fair was a lot of fun and I sold my first woven scarf to a nice person who gave it rave reviews.  I also sold a wool/linen hat which was worn by a customer whose job takes them outdoors a lot.  The hat was greatly appreciated now that it is snowing in Colorado.

Twitter is still my favorite method of communicating and I’m doing better with FB.  We shall see if 2014 is the year that blogging rings true for me.  Wishing you all in America a Happy Thanksgiving and I promise to write again before Christmas!